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Connect with industry leaders who have walked in your shoes, and gain insight and advice for the future. Mentors are located all over the world, with various backgrounds. Connect with mentors based on their area of personal or professional expertise and how it fits with your interest.

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Large Network

MightyVet is a network of over 6,000 members with diverse experiences, specialties and backgrounds.

Free of Cost

We are Not-for-profit, and our services are free for all the members. We truly believe in helping out the vet community in whatever they are facing.  


MightyMentors can help you achieve your full potential at work, and suggest useful strategies to cope up with burnout, and work-life balance.


As a new professional in the Vet industry, having a mentor is like having a time machine. I could foresee challenges and maneuver them so well.

— Bekah Markum
Vet Technician Los Angeles, CA

The burnout and mental exhaustion were really getting to me. But thanks to the MightyMentor program, I found a mentor whose advice helped me balance my life.

— Louie Leiva
Veterinary Assistant Portland, OR

The best part about mentorship is getting advice from someone who has been in your shoes. They can empathize with you and offer the exact guidance you need!

— Vanessa Torres
Veterinarian Manhattan, NY

My mentor's client communication tips have made things so much easier in my day to day work. Now I don't dread that aspect of my job anymore!

— Tom Cutler
Animal Behaviorist Minneapolis, MN

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Mentorship is a unique opportunity to share your acumen in order to help out the next generation of veterinary practitioners avoid the pitfalls that you have encountered, as well as a chance to build your own leadership skills.

You can help the mentees gain insights into the veterinary work culture, offer tips and advice on how to avoid mental exhaustion, and guide them towards a fulfilling career path. 

Why Become a MightyMentor?

Share your invaluable insight and help fellow vets avoid falling into the traps that your experience has made you aware of.

Mentorship is rewarding. When you help your fellow community members achieve their potential, you feel proud!

Expand your professional network and leadership skills. Take the next step towards a more fulfilling career.

Featured MightyMentors


Steve Weinrauch, BVMS, MRCVS

Dr. Weinrauch has a passion for giving back to the veterinary community. In addition to founding MightyVet in 2018, he also co-founded an animal rescue organization called 2nd Chance Rescue, of which he was also Medical Director. He has published his research in numerous peer-reviewed journals and is licensed to practice in the USA and the European Union. His wife is also a veterinarian and both graduated from the Glasgow University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005.

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Laura Strong, DVM, CCFP

Dr. Strong earned her degree from Bellarmine University and her doctorate from Purdue University, after which led her to directing and overseeing her own comprehensive veterinary hospital, a team of six veterinarians, 30 staff members, and the wellbeing of thousands of pets and their families for over 25 years. She has a passion for leadership and helping veterinarians balance the financial wellbeing of a practice with the financial wellbeing of staff members, while also providing care to potentially unlucky pets and clients.

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Barry Kipperman, DVM, DACVIM, MSc

Dr. Kipperman grew up in New York, and feels the TV show Seinfeld drew heavily from his own life experiences. He is board certified in internal medicine and is staff internist and founder of a 24 hour referral/emergency practice in the San Francisco Bay area. After 26 years in practice, Dr. Kipperman decided to devote the remainder of his career to animal welfare and ethics. He received a master’s degree in animal welfare, ethics and law in 2017 from the University of Edinburgh, and is pursuing board certification in animal welfare. He teaches veterinary ethics at the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and animal welfare and ethics for the University of Missouri. In additional to serving on the MightyVet board, Dr. Kipperman serves on the Board of Directors of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. His research interests include the influence of economics on animal welfare and veterinarian well-being, and the ethical dilemmas and moral stress faced by veterinarians

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