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MightyVet is an online community intended to tackle the issues that we face in the veterinary profession that are not prepared for in schools.

Our Vision Statement

We seek to bridge the gap in the education and support of veterinarians, students, vet techs, and anyone who surrounds them, to ensure they are informed of and prepared for the challenges and opportunities faced by those drawn to be part of the most compassionate and trusted profession in the world.

In Memoriam

Dr. Shane Cote

Dr. Shane Cote exemplified the true spirit of service that comes with being a veterinarian. But finding the right balance between running a practice, keeping clients happy, serving pets, and finding the time for family often comes at a cost.

Dr. Shane’s story is a powerful reminder of why we must do more for our veterinary community, and that’s why MightyVet is here.
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How MightyVet Can Help

We offer free, on-demand continuing education, global mentorship programs, office hours with industry professionals and thought leaders around the world, and other resources to help veterinary professionals in their career and wellbeing.

For the generations before and the generations to come, we aim to leave our profession better than we found it.

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Continuing Education

You graduate with the highest level of medical expertise and the desire to utilize your skills to help every pet and family that walks through your exam room door. But what about the information outside of medicine and surgery that you must know in order to practice and thrive? Subjects like communication, advertising, business, budgeting, leadership, euthanasia, burnout, ethics, DEI? We aim to bridge that gap.

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Did you always envision having a mentor along the way? Our MightyMentors have been there, done that. They have likely walked in your shoes and can help you navigate more efficient paths to get you where you want to go. Check out our list of veterinary professionals from all areas of medicine and snag a 1-to-1 chat.

Academics and thought leaders from around the world will have rotating office hours online to answer questions in real time to affect change in real time.

Mighty Resources

Resource Hub

Explore resources from across the globe and down the street. Our network of thought leaders, experts, and passionate professionals believe that by working together, we can ensure the veterinary ecosystem evolves and thrives.

Colleague Consult

Colleague Consult

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Office Hours

Academics and thought leaders from around the world will have rotating office hours online to answer questions in real time to affect change in real time.

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Community Stories


Dr. Steve Weinrauch, BVMS, MRCVS

Founder & Chairman of the Board, MightyVet

In veterinary school I learned medicine and surgery and the science behind them but not about the barriers to care that prevent us from using them. I didn’t learn how to navigate the ethical issues or burnout. I had a short course on communication and If you didn’t know how to communicate going in, you certainly didn’t know how to communicate coming out. I built 3 hospitals but I had to learn how to read a P&L on my own. I watched colleagues attempt to end their lives and end their lives. My early perception based on ignorance was that they were “crazy”.

I was ignorant because after 11 years of higher educational and 6 figures of debt I wasn’t fully educated. I started MightyVet because despite the best efforts of so many, nothing has ever truly made a sustained and comprehensive difference. From veterinarian or tech to retiree, these issues remain and are closer to us than most realize.

Dr. Carrie Jurney, DACVIM (Neurology)

Founding President, Not One More Vet

Many veterinary professionals are in crisis. NOMV is a network of over 30,000 veterinarians, students and support staff, providing the necessary support to vets and their staff members who are struggling or considering suicide. We share a similar passion for vet welfare as MightyVet and are glad to partner with each other.

Dr. Barry Kipperman, DACVIM, MSc

Board President, MightyVet

MightyVet is a place that stems from compassion and care of having seen the veterinary community face mounting personal and professional challenges. We all want to provide a space for vets to connect, network, reduce their stress, gain guidance, and improve their overall wellbeing.

Ethics in Veterinary Practice

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