• 1 Lesson

    Changing the Culture of Veterinary Sacrifice

    Veterinarians live in an “always-on” culture and that can lead veterinarians to have a lop-sided work/life balance. This course challenges this cultural norm and looks at practical ways to increase career satisfaction while maintaining a sustainable business.
  • 1 Lesson

    Finding Your Authentic Sustainable Career in Veterinary Medicine

    Dr. Pope-Robinson takes us on an emotional journey to help provide clarity on the unspoken struggle of finding career contentment within the veterinary industry. Begin your journey toward an authentic, sustainable career in veterinary medicine.
  • 1 Lesson

    Lead More, Stress Less – Yes Really!

    Veterinary professionals often don’t learn the non-medical skills needed to run a successful practice. In this course, you will learn important leadership skills to help you in your current position or anticipated future role.
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    Talking Money: How to Understand and Negotiate Compensation

    Veterinarians may be born with a love for animals but it takes a great deal of time, effort, commitment, and financial investment to be able to “hang their shingle.” Unfortunately, veterinarians are seldom trained in the non-medical parts of being a successful doctor. Critical to that success is an understanding of compensation and the art of negotiation. During her presentation, Dr. Davidow discusses how to make sense of a job offer and how to make sure you earn what you deserve. She shares sources of information on standard benefits, pay ranges, and differences in cost of living. Also, Dr. Davidow outlines the different ways salary and production based pay can be structured and why the devil is in the details. Lastly, she explains how to approach a contract negotiation so that everyone wins. Both the webinar and this archive course were made available to the veterinary community via the financial and administrative donation of VetMedTeam. We believe in the MightyVet initiative. The webinar was the 9th in a series of free webinars addressing compassion fatigue, burnout, ethics exhaustion, decreased career satisfaction, and suicide. Unaddressed the outcome is often career and life threatening. This course is based on the archive of the webinar and is appropriate for veterinarians, credentialed technicians, and practice team members, along with vet and tech school students. Upon completion of this CE offering a participant will be able to:
    • discuss production based pay and different ways it can be structured
    • compare and contrast different employee benefits and their monetary value
    • outline techniques and skills needed to negotiate a contract and where to find more information
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    Veterinary Self-Worth and the Psychology of Money

    Recognizing and embracing your self-worth is core to your success as a veterinarian – both financially and emotionally. In this course, you will learn how to build your confidence so you can have courageous conversations that can impact your overall well-being.